One week after hitting publish

Lila Wilde and I published Teddy & His Bear, our debut novel, one week ago today! Since this is the first book for both us, we really didn’t know what to expect. We went into the writing process with this thought: let’s write a book we would want to read.

Apparently, other people wanted to read it too, because the response has been better than I ever could have anticipated. M/M romance is already a small niche market, and then we went and wrote a Daddy kink book, which we knew would not be everyone’s cup of tea. But then this happened, just last night:

teddy rank 10 no2scsh 10-30

It’s so surreal, and I am beyond grateful to so many people — the readers, of course, many of whom have reached out to say how much they enjoyed the book (thank you!!) and have left some fantastic reviews and shared our book with others; and so many authors who have given us advice, shared the news about our book release, let us do takeovers and giveaways in their Facebook groups, and more; and bloggers and reviewers who have featured Teddy.

I don’t know if I could ever adequately express how humbled I am by everything that has happened in the past week, or how thankful I am to everyone involved. I had hoped at least a couple people would check out our book and take a chance on new authors. I had never guessed it would go the way it has!


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