Two free short stories available on Prolific Works, each featuring a first-time kink.

Ryan: I’ve shared a campus office with Zeke for months, quietly lusting after him while getting on his last nerve. But the semester is practically over, and I’m regretting that nothing has ever happened between us… until Zeke makes good on his promise to spank me.

Zeke: It’s true: Ryan does annoy me. Not for the reasons he thinks though. His quirks and the way he’s easily distracted let me know he needs something to focus on. And I intend to be the one to give it to him… in the form of my hand reddening his adorable behind.

This is a 7,000-word first-time-kink short story featuring two TAs who come together to work out their differences.

Dawson: I always thought I was as vanilla as a cupcake, until being forced to watch a student film about kink piques my curiosity enough that I start to… experiment. Then one of my self-taught lessons goes wrong, and the snack of my dreams, who happens to be the one man who’s dead set on pretending I don’t exist, finds me in an embarrassing position.

Javier: My geeky little roommate doesn’t have any idea of the effect he has on me. After months of avoiding him and ignoring my attraction, I find him naked, wide-eyed, and in a peculiar predicament. I’m done holding back. I will finally make him mine.

This is a 6,000-word first-time kink, opposites attract short story featuring two roommates who figure out they have more in common than they thought.

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