Teddy is nominated!

When I started reading M/M books years ago, my No. 1 source for finding new-to-me books to read was Goodreads. I relied heavily on the M/M Romance group, in particular the “best of” lists the group generated every year for its Members’ Choice Awards. I particularly loved how the list was broken down into categories, so if was in the mood for a BDSM book, I could go down that list and find something that caught my attention (which, let’s be honest, was all of them).

goodreads badge

And now, the group is working on its nominees for the best books of 2018. I was thrilled to find out Teddy & His Bear has been nominated for Best Kink/Fetish book!!

You do need to be a Goodreads member and a member of the M/M Romance group in order to see the nominations and eventually vote — which I hope many people will do! Right now, the group is accepting nominations in all categories until Dec. 5, and then voting will start Dec. 8. If you browse through the current nominations and don’t see your favorite book from 2018 in a category, there is still time to nominate it. There’s also a great Q&A if none of this makes sense, haha. I’ll be posting about this again when voting starts, but in the meantime I’m just excited we’re part of this at all!

EDIT TO ADD: Just found out Teddy & His Bear is also up for Best M/M Romance of 2018 on this Goodreads list!

More excitement: Teddy & His Bear was reviewed last week over at Love Bytes, and it’s now up for Book of the Week! You can vote for it here (poll is at the bottom of the page), and for any of the other books nominated — there are some really good ones, and I had to add a couple to my TBR.

What’s next: Lila and I are hard at work on a project for a big giveaway for the new year. If you’re part of our Facebook group or follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a teaser or two. We’ll be revealing more about it soon!

Pretty in paperback

teddy paperback The first batch of Teddy & His Bear paperbacks I ordered (all twenty of them!) arrived yesterday, and I’m in love. As you may have seen elsewhere, simply because I mention it all the time, this is the first book I’ve had a hand in co-writing. I’ve worked on books before and do so currently, as an editor and proofreader and beta reader. But having my own words in print? As a book? So surreal! And since this is our first go at this, we weren’t sure what to expect quality-wise from Amazon’s printing process. I’m so happy to report the paperback looks great all the way through. Now I just need to figure out how to frame a book. 😉